OKBET Soccer Manager 2023 Mobile opens pre-registration on Android and iOS


Pre-registration for Football Manager Mobile 2023 for iOS and Android devices is now open. The game is being developed by Sports Interactive and will be published by Sega. The game will also be released on PC and consoles. Full details on the game's latest features, game upgrades and licensing updates will be announced later this month via the game's social media channels.

The Football Manager game series is known for its attention to detail in soccer strategy. The games allow soccer fans around the world to take the manager's stand and guide their teams to victory.

Experience faster gameplay and other exciting features in Football Manager 2023

Soccer Manager Mobile 2023 will offer snappier, faster gameplay in terms of game mechanics and strategy. Although the developers have promised that winning will not be easy, this version will be the "slickest, most realistic version" of the game to be released.


This year, the game has been upgraded in each new version with more immersive features. In Football Manager 2023 Mobile, the developers have introduced team conversations that allow players to interact with their teams to motivate them.

Step into the shoes of the manager and make the team play according to your tactics

The game will allow players to take on the role of a team manager and they will be able to work with their team behind the scenes. This cooperation will help them to achieve instant success in the field. In addition to this, it will also help to sign rising stars to strengthen the team. Ready-made tactical templates will be included in the game, making it easy for players to develop winning strategies.

The latest licensed update will be released in the game which will allow you to experience match days in a thrilling and exciting way. To give players an immersive experience, Football Manager 2023 will allow them to access the digital stadium on match days where they can see their team in all its glory. Players can begin pre-registering for the game on Android and iOS.