Tower of Fantasy Steam page before its release on October 20, 2022


The Japanese Twitter account for Tower of Illusion has confirmed that the game will be released for Steam on October 20, coinciding with the release of the highly anticipated 2.0 Vera update. the Steam release was originally announced when the global version of the game was mocked, and now it's finally here.

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The Steam page for Tower of Illusion is now live, and the game will run in parallel with the PC client

The Steam page lists a release date, but an exact time has not yet been announced. Players interested in the Steam version should add the game to their wish list to be notified when the game is launched and ready for download.

The Steam version of the game will run in parallel with the PC client. However, the Steam version does offer a slight advantage over the PC client due to the community. steam games have a dedicated section that includes not only reviews but also other detailed information about the game that is not available at first glance, which can be very helpful for players. Games with a large player base also get a community where players can find artwork, guides, videos and help from other players, which is very useful.

The Steam version has several advantages over the PC client, including automatic content updates

The Steam version is simply an alternative to the PC client for players who often encounter various problems with the dedicated PC client. Not to mention, players can now make in-game purchases through Steam itself. steam accepts multiple payment methods, while there are only a few on the PC client.


Steam has automatic content updates, which means that players will no longer need to update the game manually. The game should update itself after each maintenance. A small group of players were skeptical that Tower of Fantasy was published by a Chinese company and therefore refused to play it. So with the game now having an official Steam release, it may alleviate some of their concerns.