Tower of Fantasy Ruby Banner will be released on October 20, 2022


Tower of Fantasy has officially announced the release of a new sim Ruby in the global version of the game. She will enter the game with the highly anticipated Vera 2.0 update. Prior to the official reveal, players were considering Ruby or Lin as the first banner for the 2.0 update, and now the answer is here. Ruby will join the Tower of Fantasy as the premiere Flame DPS and will stay in the meta for a while and will help complete the single Fire team, namely Ruby, Cobalt-B and Zero.

Introducing Ruby, the new simulation in the Tower of Fantasy

The Ruby banner will arrive at the Tower of Fantasy on October 20, 2022, and will last for approximately 20 days. The previously limited simulated Cobalt-B banner will also be available in parallel with Ruby for a few days before the banner deadline expires.

Ruby is a rather mysterious character, and her exact origin remains unknown. According to some, she is the daughter of an old friend of Lin's, which could explain why Lin always takes care of her. Lin and Ruby are often seen together, and people occasionally find it quite strange if one of them is alone. Lin even had the R&D department create a special weapon for Ruby Sparkle.


This special weapon not only protects Ruby, but also integrates advanced AI in it, so Spark has grown to become Ruby's companion and guide her as much as possible. From waking her up to even helping her find the forest if she gets lost. For Ruby, Spark is no less than a valuable family member.