COD Warzone Mobile and COD Mobile account connect isn’t happening anytime soon, confirms Activision


Some new and fresh content related information has arrived about Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, the mobile port of the popular battle royale game announced by Activision earlier this year. So far we've seen a bunch of gameplay footage from the alpha, a bunch of information on different features and more, and now it's been confirmed that players won't be able to connect to COD Mobile and COD Warzone mobile accounts.

COD Warzone Mobile and COD Mobile account connectivity may become possible in the future

Now, as they say, the wording of the tweet response is such that they are not currently planning to connect CODM and Warzone Mobile accounts, which means it could potentially become a future feature.

Connecting the two accounts essentially allows CODM players to change the gear they work hard on or put money into, and when it finally comes out and gains a following, COD Warzone Mobile, is likely to affect CODM's player base. However, the game already features shared progress, which can be synced between friend lists, and Battle Pass progress between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.


The Warzone mobile social media account, which went live not long ago, has been very active as the team is answering many of the questions players are encountering. For example, we now know that the game will actually have bots which set up lobbies of up to 120 real players in Verdansk. There are also mentions of pre-registration goals and other details about the rewards.