UNDECEMBER: LINE Games’ ARPG is now globally available on Android, iOS, and PC


UNDECEMBER, the much-awaited multiplatform hack-and-slash ARPG title, from Needs Games and LINE Games is now globally available on both Android and iOS. Due to its dark fantasy setting that emphasizes terror more than anything else, it also feels more like a conventional Diablo-like experience. Announced back in April 2021 from LINE GAMEs, the game entered a CBT last December and has finally gone global this October.

Engage in raids and brutal battlegrounds as the Rune Hunter

UNDECEMBER is a unique multiplatform Hack-and-Slash ARPG with a classless combat system. Players can experiment with millions of skill combinations created from Skill and Link Runes acquired via hunting in order to build their own unique character.


The game lets you play as a Rune Hunter where you need to stop the 13 Evil God Serpents from rising again and putting an end to humanity once and for all. You do this over the course of ten distinct tale chapters, taking down hordes of adversaries while also earning currency, experience points, and loot.

Then, using a classless development system that enables you to design a character in your own image, you use this to strengthen your character. When you’re satisfied with it, you can attempt harder content for better rewards, such as the Chaos Dungeon, Spire of Barrier, Void Rift, and raids.

UNDECEMBER comes with a full controller and cross-platform support post-launch

Undecember is rather accommodating in terms of how you play as well. It has full cross-platform support and is accessible on PC, Android, and iOS. Additionally, you can play as you like with support for touch, controller, mouse, and keyboard.


Yes! This game comes with full controller support at launch. 10 languages are supported, including English, German, French and Japanese. The developer and publisher, LINE Games, is offering a number of in-game festivals and events with plenty of rewards to mark the debut.

All users are rewarded with exciting pre-registration bonuses such as 30 movement speed potions, skill rune magic upgrade essences, 100,000 gold coins, 10 rare upgrade essences, 15 revive scrolls and medallion tickets. Interested players can join the raid now on their respective Android, iOS or PC platforms.

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